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Our website is dedicated to the original artists... long before Picasso ever picked up a brush, the prehistoric peoples of the world felt compelled to permanently capture images of their world.  The sites of Lascaux and Chauvet cave paintings, both located in France, are thought to be 18,000 to 32,000 years old respectively.  When these caves were discovered- they took us to other places; material and spirtual.  This site is an honoring of the figurative dreamers of yesteryear.   Browse through our archives and take a trip through the imagination of  amazingly sophisticated artists.

My work has been inspired by the cave paintings of Baja California, Spain, the Navajo reservation in Arizona, and many other sites that I hope to visit someday.  There are literally 10's of thousands of rock and cave art sites throughout the world.  On an adventure in Baja California Sur, the sheer abundance of rock art was astonishing.  It seemed like once the trans pennisular highway reached Baja California Sur (South), and especially after the highway has passed San Ignacio and headed for the eastern coast of the Baja penninsula, there are cave art sites scattered everywhere.   When you pull off the side of the road...cave art!   It's not all in great shape... and, of course, one of the biggest problems with rock art in remote sites is keeping vandals from shooting the sites with firearms, painting graffiti over them, or otherwise defacing the cliffs. 
But, in any case, throughout Baja there is an abundance of cave art and much of it is easily accessible by car or short hike.   If you're headed down to Baja, keep a look out for a "respaldo", which is a shallow cliff overhang or slight cave.   This is a common formation to find rock art. 

Painting of an aurochs attacked by wolves.

Date: ~1920

Painter: Heinrich Harder (1858-1935)

Source: Wikimedia

Permission:This image is in the public domain because its copyright has expired.

The auroch was hunted to extinction in the 1600's, however, it roamed in multitudes during the years that the cave paintings of Chauvet and Lascaux were executed. 
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